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Magazine Photo,la référence de l'image depuis 1967

I was published by the legendary "Photo" magazine in January 2016. Throughout 50.000 participants coming from 70 different countries, one of my photos was selected and was published with other winners.

Retrospective 2016

Currently working on a retrospective which will include Alex Madison's voyeurism work. A close look at his inner awareness,his practice of spying towards consensual intimate activity. Summer 2016

The Body Double Experience

Going back to 1984's Brian De Palma's motion picture "Body Double" Aged 17 and impressed by the beauty of Deborah Shelton, stared as Gloria Revelle. From the first minutes I remained attracted by the game of the characters , locations, music and fascinating intrigue up to the end credits. The film developed a dedicated cult following which remains strong today perhaps due to its directorial and aesthetic indulgences, its early 1980s new wave soundtrack, and the use of iconic Los Angeles locations. One of the most memorable scenes is the "telescope scene" accompanied by Pino Donaggio's music. The athmosphere of a 'voyeur" looking through he's lens and observing his female neighbor and her daily "act" is one of the key moments in the film. It's that particular moment that always come back to me when I evoke "Body Double"

New York Fashion Week September 2014

The Man From Times Square.

Is there any life behind these gates

This photo 1200mm x 1200mm was sold to an Italian industrial.

Working on a new video project .

Reflections of a photographer...

Behind the scenes of "Is there any life behind these gates.

Is there any life behind these gates,the story goes on....and on...

I wanted to go back to that elevator somewhere in Brussels,I used to shoot there one year ago with Zoi Gorman, this time it was in a classical ballet outfit.The purpose of these pictures is exploring the fact that we are living somewhere in an underground wondering if there is a sign of life behind these gates. Once again there is a behind the scenes on my video page.

Alexion Airfield

Alexion airfield (greek: Αεροδρόμιο Πόρτο Χέλι 'Κανάρης', also known as Porto Kheli/Cheli/Heli airfield, ICAO: LGHL) was an airfield 90 kilometers southwest of Athens It was the pride and joy of Mr. Tasso Alexiou, who built and developed the airfield from private funds. The airfield was already in use in the 1960s when an Olympic Airways route served the privately owned airport. During the years of the military Junta in Greece, Mr. Alexiou attempted to expand the airfield. He failed however, possibly because he did not work with the Junta. Ultimately, in 1974 the plan was called off. The airfield continued to exist, however, and Olympic continued to use the airfield, as always free of charge.


So much to say about Mojave. It all started with Mike Potter,may God bless him. I went a few times out there and remain captivated by the real men who live and work there. This place is haunting millions of mileages and noises from airports. The only thing we hear is the wind added by all these ghost planes who traveled worldwide and had so many passengers from all over the world on board.

Is there any life behind these gates?

"Making of "Is there life behind these gates with Zoi Gorman & Stijn Keuleers can be seen on my video page. Camera: Olivier Moser Regie: Mark Van Hoof Images&editing: Alex Madison Location: Brussels Special thanks to Thierry Bonami and N.D Brussels July 2012